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- The "HAUNT COLLECTION" from Apothecary Addict - LIMITED EDITION -


- This striking and unique collection draws inspiration from the sights and scents of fall in combination with all things ๐Ÿ‘ป SPOOKY SEASON! ๐Ÿ‘ป Apropos for fall/autumn, but certainly suitable for those who love the spooky/Halloween season year-round! Hurry up while you can, this *super limited edition* line won't last long! Small-batch, hand-crafted, and created with love and a tinge of magic! -


Formulated with skin soothing organic oils like extra virgin, first cold-pressed olive and unrefined coconut oils. Whipped to goodness with organic, raw, and unrefined shea butter. Includes seasonally appropriate ingredients and all-natural scents that embody this time of year. Each bar features bewitching, alluring, tempting, mysterious, and captivating 100% naturally derived scents as well as super luxe ingredients that include orris root (naturally astringent and beautifying - lending a luxurious and natural base note) and 100% cruelty-free tussuh silk (wild-gathered from empty cocoons) to contribute a most sumptuous and lavish silken lather and feel. Pure seduction, intrigue, and extravagance in cold-process soap bar form! 



The 'Haunt Collection,' Nevermore Bar:


โ€œLet my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore...โ€โ€• Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven


โ€œQuoth the Raven, 'Nevermore.'โ€โ€• Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven


As its name suggests, an eerie hommage to one of my favorite poets and all-time best mystery writers, Edgar Allan Poe - master of the macabre. The Nevermore Bar captures the curious and supernatural aura of Poe's famous "The Raven" poem. With its strikingly dark gray/black color (achieved with gently detoxifying activated charcoal) and a deep and beguiling 100% natural scent of wooded rose - with a 100% natural blend of geranium, cypress, bergamont, ho wood, and benzoin essential oils along with pure rose floral wax (Bulgaria: Rosa Damascena) - this bar encapsulates the essence of that mournful, yearnful, fateful, and famous "midnight dreary." Poe wrote, "as I pondered, weak and weary..." going on to then contemplate, rather melancholically, the concepts of longing, grief, and mortality, in the midst of the incessant utterance of the Raven's, "Nevermore..."


...The Nevermore a physical body to the themes of Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem, "The Raven..." for this haunted season! Enjoy!


Scent profile (Wooded rose, benzoin/resins, orris root, and dry citrus):

- Rose Damascus, geranium, Ho wood, benzoin, copal resin, orris root, and bergamot -




Net weight: approximately 3-4.5 oz.

Dimensions: approximately 2.75" x 2.75-3" x .75"


*Each individual soap is hand-cut. There may be slight differences in weight and size due to the handcrafted nature of these products*


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๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ–‹ The Nevermore Bar ๐Ÿ–‹๐Ÿ’€

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  • NEVERMORE BAR INGREDIENTS IN DESCENDING ORDER BY WEIGHT: *Extra virgin olive oil, *unrefined extra virgin coconut oil, filtered water, non-GMO avocado oil, sodium hydroxide, *raw unrefined shea butter, *raw unrefined cocoa butter, *castor oil, activated charcoal, white kaolin clay, orris root powder, benzoin gum powder, white copal resin powder, rose floral wax (Bulgaria: Rosa Damascena), geranium EO, cypress EO, bergamot EO, ho wood EO, benzoin EO, and cruelty-free wild-gathered tussuh silk. (*Organic).





    Organic extra virgin olive oil: Made with first pressed USDA certified organic extra virgin olive oil. Contributes to a gentle lather that is both kind and soothing to the skin.


    Unrefined, raw, and organic shea butter from Benin (grade A): So many skin benefits to list! Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. Anti-inflammatory and moisturizing.


    Orris root: antibacterial, antimicrobial, and contributes a rich base scent as a fixative in cold process soap.


    Cruelty-free wild-gathered tussuh silk: contributes silk proteins that help soften and contribute a luxurious and "silky" feel.


    White kaolin clay: A very fine cosmetic clay used for its gentle cleansing and detoxification properties.


    100% pure geranium essential oil: Anti-oxidant rich and anti-inflammatory. Stimulates healing.


    100% pure cypress essential oil: Astringent, cleansing, antiviral, antifungal, and healing.


    Bulgarian rose: Therapeutic in aroma. Beautifying, gentle, and anti-inflamatory.




    How to store and extend the life of your soap between uses: Store soaps in a dry area, away from moisture. Due to the high gylcerin content of handmade soaps, allow your soap to drain in between uses. 


    Recommended use within 12 months of purchase.


    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

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