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Artisanal Soaps and Salves/Balms

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The Healing Earth Wellspring Balm

A rose and herb-infused balm with a smooth application and major beautification benefits. Contains a plethora of nourishing and emollient plant oils and herbal infusions to soothe and protect dry and chapped skin. 

*One Tree Planted* for Every Balm Sold! 🌱🌳

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Luxuriously Crafted Soaps with A Humble and Rustic Charm

Passionately conceived, and meticulously crafted with love. Handmade with ingredients that include pure, premium, whole, natural, organic, wildcrafted, unrefined, sustainably sourced, and fairly traded butters, oils, clays, herbs, and more! I always use the best ingredients I can procure.

Good for you. Good for the planet.

Naturally inspired

I love nothing more than working with my hands and researching mother earth's natural ingredients (herbs, oils, and butters) to create for myself, friends, family, and now - FOR YOU - my uniquely crafted soaps, salves, and balms.


My soaps are formulated with high percentages of exotic and raw unrefined butters sourced from around the world. I use organic, grade A, raw, and unrefined shea butter from Ghana, as well as raw, unrefined, and organic cocoa and mango butters. You will find exotic ingredients from the heart of the Brazilian Amazon forest in some of my soaps as well. These include natural, unrefined, sustainably sourced, pesticide-free, and fairly traded cupuacu, tucuma, murumuru, bacuri, and ucuuba butters - all in their unrefined, purest, and freshest forms. I also use raw kokum and kpangnan butters, which are rare and perform absolutely beautifully in soap. Use of these lovely butters (in high percentage) yields a rich, dense, and gentle lather with wonderful, pampering benefits.

I use only USDA certified organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and USDA certified organic extra virgin unrefined coconut oil as the base oils for most of my soaps. No palm-oil! Other skin indulging oils, including non-GMO avocado oil, USDA certified organic sunflower oil, USDA certified organic jojoba oil, and a wide range of other pure and whole oils can be found in my handcrafted soaps.

You'll find luxurious milks and creams in some of my soaps (organic coconut milk, non-GMO whole milk, non-GMO buttermilk, and non-GMO heavy cream). Additionally, many detox clays are added for their unique skin benefits and aesthetic/colorant effect. You'll find organic cocoa powder, various herbs, aged and organic Madagascar vanilla, precious resins (frankincense, myrrh, and dark amber), and a number of other ingredients in my products. I make many of my own sun-infused oils and in-house extracts for use in my soaps, salves, and balms.

Quality, skin safety, ingredient and labeling transparency, ethics, and earth kindness are all very important to me when considering and procuring ingredients and formulating. My soaps, salves, and balms are minimal by nature, and I strive to ship and package with recycled/repurposed packaging materials that are dye and chemical-free. I dedicate a great deal of time in procuring ingredients that are pure, whole, fresh, sustainably sourced, fairly-traded, and unrefined - and always purchase the best ingredients I find via research. You'll find that I clearly label and list ingredients on each soap, salve, and balm. I encourage you to look up some of these ingredients and research their many benefits and properties for yourself! They are so remarkable!

My soaps are palm oil-free. Many soaps I make and sell are vegan. All soaps are vegetarian. You will find raw honey and raw beeswax in a few of my soaps. I do not use tallow. I never test my soaps on animals - only on myself, and my (more than) willing friends and family! The feedback I've received is only positive - so much so, that I (by their CONSTANT insistence) have started this website! I have made soaps, salves, balms, infused oils, and even perfumes for years for myself, friends, and family in an effort to become more self-sustainable and formulate clean and kind products for myself and those I care about. Countless times I have heard, "you really should sell this," or have been asked, "have you opened up an online store already?" Well, I can now say that I do sell items, and that I have indeed opened an online store: Apothecary Addict. 

I create in small-batches. One may even say "micro-batch." My cold process soap bars are made in batches of 20-26 bars at a time. My salves/balms are poured in batches of just 8-12 tins at a time. I restock based on demand. I am a one woman-show! With this said, there is just something about handcrafted goods in small batches that is just...well...simple, rustic, charming, and downright special. It's kind of "old-school," and I dig that. :)


No two soaps are alike. No two salves or balm are alike. Check 'em out. Give 'em a try. They are ALL I use. I do hope that you will enjoy! Thank you for your confidence and support!

- Christine Lanza, Founder, Soaper, and Body-Care Artisan, Apothecary Addict





Artisan made


Eco-friendly and minimal

No palm oil

Woman owned and operated

Made with whole and natural ingredients including organic, wild-crafted, sustainably sourced, fairly-traded, and non-GMO ingredients

Scented with 100% pure essential oils

Gentle on the skin and the planet

Luxuriously crafted

Rustic charm

Simply natural


"I love this soap!"

Lara - Pittsburg, ca

"The most amazing handcrafted gifts...she is so talented and creative-using all natural ingredients and botanicals...can't wait to use them!" 

Mary - Pueblo, CO

"Christine is really on to something with her "Healing Earth Lip Balm." I slather it on at night and I am not kidding, it is on until lips are soft as can be.  It really is good and I don't feel allergic to it.

It isn't greasy and stays on - truly softens, instead of coming off."

katy - pueblo, co

"I'm obsessed with my Apothecary Addict order!! Makes me want to take a shower multiple times a day!!! And I'm fascinated with the chaparral salve. I'm not familiar with the scent and I can't stop taking whiffs. Love it!"

Brittany - brooklyn, ny
"Living in the city, I often feel out of touch with the natural world. Since I rarely get the time to venture into nature, these soaps have been an absolute godsend. Using them softens the sting of urban life and really help me to get in touch with the earth, an oft difficult feat when surrounded by concrete."

“I generally don't like most soaps due to the residue or the stripping away of natural oils. With handmade soaps from Apothecary Addict, I enjoy a pleasant and mild natural scent, a perfect lather with a clean rinse, and each bar is beautifully crafted with TLC. I've tried the Rosemary Cedar Hemp and Cocoa Matcha Mint bars. You should too!”

Cj - providence, ri
Anton - Seattle, WA


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