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Meet Christine

Hello and Welcome!


My name is Christine Lanza. 

I am truly an "apothecary addict!" I love spending time with and adding to my ever growing apothecary. It is with immense joy that I research, procure, and source simple, ethical, raw, whole, natural, and non-synthetic ingredients. I love working with my hands, formulating, and creating beautiful products for myself, friends, family, and now - for you! I was told too many times by too many different people to "start an online store, already!" So, I finally decided to take the plunge and start "Apothecary Addict." 

I am a musician (classical 'flutist' or 'flautist,' whichever you prefer), as well as a certified physical therapist assistant. I love all areas of my professional and creative life, but I am always finding myself retreating back to my apothecary to create and work with my hands. When I am not performing in concert, or helping out at the various facilities I work as a PTA, one can definitely find me making a mess in the kitchen as I feverishly formulate and craft soaps, salves, balms, infused oils, kombucha, etc..


I am thrilled to offer my creations to you via my labor of EXTREME love, Apothecary Addict. I can assure you that I give my all to anything I do! I am passionate about anything I tackle and put my mind to.

formulate, create, hand-pour, hand-cut, cure, hand-label, and hand-pack each soap! My salves and balms are also handcrafted, hand-labeled, and packaged by hand. I take great pride in the whole process! From beginning to end, it's a joyful experience for me.

I can tell you that these products are ALL that I use! I have friends and family that will tell you the same. My partner will tell you he's very happy to have tested everything - and that his skin/beard are better for it.

I am ever-formulating and creating - adding and updating products. Everything is small-batch...some may even say "MICRO-BATCH", so please do stop by often here at Apothecary Addict. I love to share my new products and formulations with you!



- Christine Lanza, Founder, Soaper, and Body-Care Artisan, Apothecary Addict

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