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Introducing the  "Black Label *NEROLI OAKMOSS* Beard Oil" from the Black Label Collection...




Fresh, citrusy, bright, and slightly earthy. Classic neroli scent anchored with a touch of oakmoss and labdanum. With bergamot and petitgrain for for a king...


Thoughtful to contain beard and moustache friendly/beneficial ingredients that include, but are not limited to...


Amla: Vitamin C rich, boosts hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Horsetail: Silica and antioxidant rich. Strengthening.

Rosemary: Aids in growth and lustre.

Peppermint: Stimulates growth and invigorates.

Nettle: Clearing, revitalizing, and strengthening. Nutrient dense.

Fenugreek: Promotes growth and shine. Natural humectant and moisturizing.


This beard and moustache preparation also touts benefiting oils such as organic and shine-inducing jojoba oil, keratin-rich ojon oil, extra moisturizing and softening organic sweet almond oil, and nutrient dense/thickening non-GMO avocado and organic castor oils. The ultimate treat for your beard and 'stache.


Now, for the the scent...



~ Scent Profile ~


Top notes: 

Neroli and bergamot


Middle notes: 



Base notes:

Oakmoss and labdanum


----- 2 OZ BOTTLE-----


Directions for use: Highly concentrated, pour a pea sized amount into hand and distribute evenly through beard and moustache.


***Some ingredients may settle at the bottom of the bottle given that this is a handmade product. No need to worry! You can leave be or give it a stir! The sediment is more an indication of the use of organic and natural materials in this all-natural product.***


SKU: 0140
  • THE NEROLI OAKMOSS BEARD OIL INGREDIENTS IN DESCENDING ORDER BY WEIGHT: *Jojoba oil, *sunflower seed oil, and non-GMO avocado oil infused with *horsetail, *rosemary, *peppermint, *nettle, *amla, and *fenugreek seeds; *sweet almond oil, *fractionated coconut oil, wild-harvested ojon oil, *castor oil, bergamot EO, neroli absolute, petitgrain EO, labdanum absolute, oakmoss absolute, and vitamin E. (*Organic).

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