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- The "HAUNT COLLECTION" from Apothecary Addict - LIMITED EDITION -


- This striking and unique collection draws inspiration from the sights and scents of fall in combination with all things ๐Ÿ‘ป SPOOKY SEASON! ๐Ÿ‘ป Apropos for fall/autumn, but certainly suitable for those who love the spooky/Halloween season year-round! Hurry up while you can, this *super limited edition* line won't last long! Small-batch, hand-crafted, and created with love and a tinge of magic! -


Formulated with skin soothing organic oils like extra virgin, first cold-pressed olive and unrefined coconut oils. Whipped to goodness with organic, raw, and unrefined shea butter. Includes seasonally appropriate ingredients and all-natural scents that embody this time of year. Each bar features bewitching, alluring, tempting, mysterious, and captivating 100% naturally derived scents as well as super luxe ingredients that include orris root (naturally astringent and beautifying - lending a luxurious and natural base note) and 100% cruelty-free tussuh silk (wild-gathered from empty cocoons) to contribute a most sumptuous and lavish silken lather and feel. Pure seduction, intrigue, and extravagance in cold-process soap bar form! 



The 'Haunt Collection,' Nosferatu Bar:


"Let us chat together a moment, my friend! There are still several hours until dawn, and I have the whole day to sleep."

โ€” Count Orlok, Nosferatu


"Blood! Your precious blood!"

โ€” Count Orlok, Nosferatu


All seduction and undeniably beguiling, The Nosferatu Bar is haunting and most desirable! Conceptualized and named after the character in the 1922 German expressionist film, Nosferatu, by F.W. Murnau. The Nosferatu Bar, an ode to all things "vampire" - paying special hommage to Bram Stoker's original, DRACULA, too! With swirls of deep reds and black, this bar blends the lines of passion and darkness. With a highly seductive and enticing natural scent of romantic Bulgarian rose with sultry jasmine sambac. Rounded out with a flirtatious blend of 100% natural blood orange, ylang ylang, and sandalwood EOs. A splash of red wine is added to this tempting, teasingly attractive, and lavish bar...


...The Nosferatu a physical body to all things "vampire" this haunted season! Enjoy!


Scent profile (Seductive floral with sandalwood base):

- Jasmine sambac, rose Damascus, orris root, ylang ylang, red wine, sandalwood, and blood orange -




Net weight: approximately 3-4.5 oz.

Dimensions: approximately 2.75" x 2.75-3" x .75"


*Each individual soap is hand-cut. There may be slight differences in weight and size due to the handcrafted nature of these products*


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๐Ÿง›โ€โ™‚๏ธ The Nosferatu Bar ๐Ÿง›โ€โ™‚๏ธ

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  • NOSFERATU BAR INGREDIENTS IN DESCENDING ORDER BY WEIGHT: *Extra virgin olive oil, *unrefined extra virgin coconut oil, filtered water, non-GMO avocado oil, sodium hydroxide, *raw unrefined shea butter, *raw unrefined cocoa butter, *castor oil, rose floral wax (Bulgaria: Rosa Damascena), jasmine floral wax (India: Jasminum Sambac), jasmine flower powder, Indian rhubarb root powder (Rheum emodi, *sandalwood powder, activated charcoal, white kaolin clay, orris root powder, red wine, plastic-free gold dust enviro-glitter (eco friendly), blood orange EO, ylang ylang EO, *rose petals, jasmine petals, blackthorn berries, jojoba oil, and cruelty-free wild-gathered tussuh silk. (*Organic).





    Organic extra virgin olive oil: Made with first pressed USDA certified organic extra virgin olive oil. Contributes to a gentle lather that is both kind and soothing to the skin.


    Unrefined, raw, and organic shea butter from Benin (grade A): So many skin benefits to list! Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. Anti-inflammatory and moisturizing.


    Orris root: antibacterial, antimicrobial, and contributes a rich base scent as a fixative in cold process soap.


    Cruelty-free wild-gathered tussuh silk: contributes silk proteins that help soften and contribute a luxurious and "silky" feel.


    White kaolin clay: A very fine cosmetic clay used for its gentle cleansing and detoxification properties.


    Bulgarian rose: Therapeutic in aroma. Beautifying, gentle, and anti-inflamatory.


    Jasmine Sambac: Intoxicatingly fragrant. Slightly spicier than jasmine grandiflorum (which is slightly sweeter in scent than jasmine sambac). Mood enhancing. Relaxing.




    How to store and extend the life of your soap between uses: Store soaps in a dry area, away from moisture. Due to the high gylcerin content of handmade soaps, allow your soap to drain in between uses. 


    Recommended use within 12 months of purchase.


    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*